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Pokemon Go Down Due to Server Issues

by Kyle Hanson


Update: Servers seem to be coming back online as of 3:15pm Eastern Time.

Original Story: Pokemon Go was never the most stable game out there. Right after launch the game was plagued with server problems, mostly due to the massive playerbase that no one had anticipated for the game. After a while things calmed down, many players left the game, and developer Niantic beefed up their servers across the globe. However, things still aren’t perfect, and it seems that today is a particularly bad day to be a Pokemon Go player as the game is down for many due to unknown server issues.

Reports are flooding in of Pokemon Go being down and Niantic has actually responded, saying “We are currently experiencing server issues. We are working on a fix & will provide an update when resolved. Thank you for your patience.” This is a far cry from how the company handled outages in the past, which was usually to remain completely silent and allow players to wonder what was going on, and why they couldn’t connect to the game.

Pokemon Go servers being down essentially makes the game unplayable, as it is an online only AR experience. This is a bigger problem since many of the game’s purchasable items are timer based. If you popped incense or a lure right before the game went down, you’re likely out of luck on that item. You can contact Niantic and ask for a refund though, so maybe give that a shot.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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