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Pokémon GO February Community Day Will Feature Swinub

A new Fourth Generation Pokémon will become available as well.

by Dylan Siegler


The next Pokémon GO Community Day has been announced, and this time the Pokémon at the center of the event will be the Second Generation Ground/Ice-type Swinub. With the spotlight on Swinub, its Fourth Generation final evolution, Mamoswine, will also be introduced into the game.

The Pokémon GO Twitter page recently revealed that the next Community Day event will take place on February 16 from 11:00am PST/2:00pm EST to 2:00pm PST/5:00pm EST. During this time, Swinub will appear much more frequently than normal, with an increased chance to find shiny ones. Also, players will finally get the chance to obtain the Fourth Generation Pokémon Mamoswine, which can only be obtained by evolving Swinub’s evolved form, Piloswine, with a Sinnoh Stone. Any Piloswine that evolves into Mamoswine during the event will learn an exclusive move, but what the exclusive move will be has yet to be announced.

Additionally, Lure Modules will last three hours during the event, and players will earn three times as much Stardust as usual for catching Pokémon. Trainers will also be able to receive up to five rewards for participating in Trainer Battles per day during the Community Day weekend, which will be helpful since Trainer Battle rewards are one of the few ways to get Sinnoh Stones in the game.

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