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Pokemon Go Has Finally Launched In Japan

by Dean James


Pokemon Go has been a massive success in its first two weeks since launching in the US, but it has been rather surprising that the country that Pokemon originated from had not received it yet. However, their wait for Pokemon Go is finally over.

The Pokemon franchise first debuted back in 1996 in Japan and still continues to be incredibly successful there. Following the release of Pokemon Go in Australia and New Zealand first, the US got the game soon after and has spread to other areas like Canada and Europe as well.

Japan had been left out so far, but after a recent delay, Pokemon Go is finally available in the country that originally brought us Pokemon in the first place.

Unlike the launch in other countries, the release of Pokemon Go came alongside a partnership with McDonalds, which was part of the delay from yesterday for the game.

According to the BBC, the launch of Pokemon Go started a few hours ago during the morning time in Japan, which is likely to be a huge hit with gamers, especially considering how mobile centric the country is.

The good news so far is that the launch hasn’t caused a complete meltdown of the servers for the US, though that could change when everyone wakes up and is back on.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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