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Pokemon GO Gets Double XP, Special Egg Hatches, and More

by Kyle Hanson


It’s the Pokemon GO event that never ends it seems as Niantic has announced more special events within the hugely popular mobile game. Players have been frantically hunting down legendary Pokemon through raids for the last few months, and thanks to their efforts they have unlocked a ton of new prizes for all players to enjoy. These include special egg hatches, new raid battles, and double XP.

From March 5th to March 16th players will find more Pokemon in eggs that are enhanced by windy weather. This means you can expect to hatch more Dragon, Flying, and Psychic type Pokemon in eggs attained starting later today. But you on’t have to get eggs to catch more of these types of Pokemon, windy enhanced Pokemon will also appear more frequently out in the world.

Finally all players will get double XP until March 16th as well, marking a great opportunity to level up your character in the game. Pokemon GO has featured double XP events a lot in the past, and they are always very popular for players trying to grind through those challenging higher levels.

Kyogre and Groudon raids have ended, but you’ll still be able to get Rayquaza until the 16th as well, so get out there and get raiding.

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