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Pokémon GO Getting New ‘Adventure Sync’ Feature

It will be easier than ever to hatch Eggs and collect Candy.

by Dylan Siegler


There are some features in Pokémon GO, like walking with a Buddy or hatching Eggs, which are well-meaning, but can be pretty annoying, since you have to do so much walking to really accomplish anything. Earning a single piece of Candy for a Legendary Pokémon requires players to walk 20km! And, of course, any walking that you do without the app open doesn’t count. Luckily, a new feature will be introduced into the game soon that will make these endeavors a little bit easier.

Niantic recently announced a new feature called Adventure Sync, which will be coming to Pokémon GO at some unspecified point in the near future. With this feature turned on, the app will keep track of your walking distance, even when the app isn’t launched. So without having to chip into your data plan, all your walking will be accounted for and you will receive push notifications for when your Buddy finds a Candy or when an Egg is about to hatch. Adventure Sync will also offer players weekly statistics on how much they walked and their Egg Incubator and Buddy progress, and there will be rewards for accomplishing certain milestones. Adventure Sync will connect to Apple Health on Apple devices and Google Fit on Android devices.

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