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Pokemon Go Lost Over 10 Million Daily Users During Beginning Of August

by Mike Guarino


While it had previously been reported that Pokemon Go appeared to be holding onto its massive player base despite all of the issues it has been having, it appears that that is finally changing. It was reported that the game had over 40 million daily users worldwide by the end of July, though the beginning parts of August have painted a different picture.

So far this month the average daily Pokemon Go count is at around 30 million, resulting in a loss of over 10 million daily users. Not only that, but the average time spent on the app each day has also declined, though there aren’t official numbers on that at this time.

There have been a few big updates made to the game so far, though the game still proves to result in an aggravating experience more often than not. The tracking feature is still not working as it should, and there are still some big technical issues that mar the experience. Niantic apparently has some big updates coming up to keep users engaged, including the most recent one that adds the Pokemon Appraisal feature.

It’s also hard to look at 30 million daily active users and think its a disappointment, as it still makes it easily the top gaming app in the world. Also, with several more generations to pull from and other major gameplay features to incorporate down the line, Pokemon Go won’t be going away anytime soon.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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