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Pokemon Go Online Servers Are Down Right Now For Some

by Dean James


Pokemon Go has been one of the most intriguing upcoming game releases for awhile and the free-to-play experience finally launched earlier today in the US for iOS and Android. However, of course that means everyone is trying to check out the game and it has led to the servers going down quite a bit.

When you first start up Pokemon Go, you will be asked to sign in with either a Google login or a Trainer Club login. After this step, it tries to log you in, but the app is not able to advance beyond that step when the servers are down, which they appear to be right now.

While playing the game this evening, an error message has popped up a few times about server issues, but it appears they have been hammered even harder with people trying it out now as they have been down consistently for the last 30 minutes, at least from my numerous attempts to log in. It appears there are some able to get logged in, while others cannot.

The error message states that “Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later.” The annoying part here is that you must do a force closing of the program, not just going back to the home screen and reopening. By doing this, it starts it over and you’ll have to re-enter your login information every time until they are back up.

At least earlier, closing out of the app a few times and signing back in allowed me to get back in, so you can try that. However, with everyone wanting to see just what Pokemon Go is, we might see similar login issues for a few days. The official Pokemon Go Twitter does say they know about the issues and are working on them though, so hopefully they’ll them back up and running better soon.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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