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Pokémon GO March Community Day to Feature Fletchling

When is it, what is the exclusive move, what are the bonuses?

by Kyle Hanson


Pokémon GO has been absolutely slammed with events over the last few months and the pace doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon. Players have a lot of stuff to take part in in February, but it’s already time to start talking about March 2021. And of course that means we need to know who the star of March 2021’s Pokémon GO Community Day will be, since that’s always a huge event for players. After some teasing Niantic has confirmed that Pokémon GO March Community Day for 2021 will feature Fletchling.

When is Community Day for March 2021

The March 2021 Community Day will take place on Saturday, March 6th starting at 11am and running until 5pm. These are for your local time zone, so no matter where you are in the world that is the start and end time.

What Bonuses are There for March Community Day 2021

Every Pokémon GO Community Day features a bunch of bonuses for trainers to enjoy. The first and most important will be the boosted spawn rate of Fletchling in the wild as well as the shiny odds when encountering one. But there is much more, such as a Community Day box in the in-game shop. This will cost 1,280 PokéCoins and give you 50 Ultra Balls, 5 Lucky Eggs, a Poffin, and an Elite Fast TM. Also in the in-game shop will be the Fletchling Community Day Special Research ticket. We’ll have more to say about this later, so check back closer to the event.

As you catch all those Fletchling you’ll also be receiving 3x the usual catch XP, making for a great chance to level up to 40 or beyond. And any incense activated during the Community Day hours will last for three hours. Finally if you evolve Fletchinder into Talonflame to get the Community Day exclusive move.

What is the Exclusive Move for March Community Day 2021

That exclusive move is Incinerate giving your Talonflame a nice, powerful fire type fast attack. Will this be useful in raids or PvP battles? Again we’ll need to take a closer look to give our full thoughts. We’ll have lots of Fletchling Community Day guides for the event so check those out when they are ready and all your questions should be answered.

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