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Pokémon GO PvP Battles Detailed

The new mechanic will launch before the year's end.

by Dylan Siegler


One feature players have been eagerly waiting to be included in Pokémon GO is the ability to battle other players. Recently, developer Niantic has been teasing that PvP battles will finally be coming to the game, and now how the mechanic will work has been explained.

In a post on the Pokémon GO website, it is explained that players will be able to challenge each other to Trainer Battles by entering each other’s Battle Codes and that players can challenge both those on their Friend List and Trainers who aren’t Friends, as long as they’re within close physical proximity to one another. Ultra Friends and Best Friends, however, can challenge each other from a distance within having to physically be in the same place. In Trainer Battles, each Trainer will pick a team of three Pokémon to duke it out, and both participants will earn prizes after the battle, which could include rare items like Evolution items. Players will also be able to earn rewards once per day by battling against the Team leaders, Spark, Candela, and Blanche.

There will be three Leagues players can challenge each other in: the Great League, where all Pokémon must have CP of 1,500 or less; the Ultra League, where the CP cap is 2,500; and the Master League, where all Pokémon are permitted, regardless of CP. Like Gym and Raid Battles, Trainer Battles are not turn-by-turn but are rather played by players tapping their screens to attack. However, each Trainer will be given a limited number of Protect Shields to protect their Pokémon from an opponent’s attack, adding a bit more strategy to the fights.

Trainer Battles will be introduced into Pokémon GO sometime this month.

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