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Pokemon Go Servers Go Down As Gen 2 Pokemon Officially Go Live

by Dean James


Pokemon Go has been out more than seven months and in that time the only new Pokemon that were added beyond the initial batch were Ditto and the few baby Pokemon that were introduced as egg exclusives. We knew that the second generation of Pokemon would be arriving at some point, with the announcement yesterday stating it would be later this week and now they are officially out in the wild.

The Pokemon Company made a big announcement yesterday morning that stated that Pokemon Go would be getting a major update this week, which is definitely the biggest to date. This was announced as adding more than 80 Pokemon to the game’s roster, which should be pretty much all of the new additions from Gold and Silver outside of the legendaries, with Unown being truly an unknown as well.

We already told you earlier today about Niantic putting out the latest update for Pokemon Go on both iOS and Android, but the new Pokemon were not available quite yet. However, that has now changed as they have finally started showing up in the wild.

As of right now, you should be able to open up the app and find a mix of the new Gen 2 Pokemon alongside those that were already in the game. The only problem is that it appears the new Pokemon going live has also managed to strain the servers, making it very difficult to sign in.

Server downtimes have happened here and there, but they were very prominent back in the very early days of Pokemon Go. With the prospect of new Pokemon going live in the game, there is no question that many more people are opening the app back up, which is likely causing the issues.

As with past downtimes, just keep trying and you may be able to get back in, but we have tried on both iOS and Android and failed to be able to log in, though we were able to catch a few of the new Pokemon beforehand. They do keep going up and down though, so keep trying. Stay tuned for further details and plenty of guides to help you with how to get some of these new Pokemon.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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