Pokémon GO – Shellos Spotlight Hour Guide, Can Shellos be Shiny (East Sea, Blue)

What is the bonus, and where is Shiny Shellos

by Kyle Hanson

By the end of August 2021 Pokémon GO players will have experienced five Spotlight Hour events, with two being Shellos Spotlight Hours. This first one is focused on the East Sea Shellos, which features bright blue and green coloring. Next week will be for West Sea Shellos, which comes in pink and white. So with only one hour to catch what has otherwise been a pretty rare creature you will want to know how to prepare. Here’s our Shellos Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO, focused on East Sea Shellos this week. We’ll also answer the big question: can Shellos be Shiny in Pokémon GO in August 2021.

Shellos (East Sea) Spotlight Hour Guide

Whenever Pokémon GO players approach a new Spotlight Hour event there are always three big questions they have to know the answer to before it kicks off. We explore all three below.

When is Shellos (East Sea) Spotlight Hour

The East Sea Shellos Spotlight Hour event will begin at 6pm local time on Tuesday, August 10th. As the name says, it will then last for just one hour, ending at 7pm. This event is locally timed, so no matter what time zone you are in it will always begin at 6pm and end at 7pm.

What is the Shellos (East Sea) Spotlight Hour Bonus, How to Prepare

During Shellos Spotlight Hour the big reward will of course be all of the East Sea Shellos spawning in the wild for players to catch. However, there is one added bonus to enjoy. 2x Catch XP will be active throughout, and with a Lucky Egg you can get that up to 4x the usual XP for each catch. So make sure you are out there catching every Pokémon that you can, and clear out any stored Research rewards you might have while you’re at it. But for the shiny collectors out there there is only one reward they truly want, but can they have it?

Can Shellos (East Sea) be Shiny

Many Spotlight Hour events lately have featured potentially shiny Pokémon. Shellos Spotlight Hour unfortunately isn’t one of them though. East Sea Shellos cannot be shiny at this time (August 2021) in Pokémon GO, so even with the additional spawns you will only be able to catch regular blue and green Shellos in the wild. You’ll actually be waiting quite a while for your next shiny chance during Spotlight Hour, as you can see form the full August 2021 schedule.

But that is our Shellos Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO, including the answer to can Shellos be shiny.