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Pokemon Go + Sun & Moon Cause Massive Profit Surge for Parent Company

by Kyle Hanson


The Pokemon Company made a net profit of $143.3 million for the fiscal year ending February 2017. This is a massive improvement over previous years, which usually saw profits around $10 million or less. What could have caused such a huge jump? Well, 2016 was a big year for Pokemon with the release of Sun & Moon and Pokemon Go. It’s not clear what contributed the most, but it is obvious that everything added up to a gigantic jump in profits.

Last year saw The Pokemon company making a profit of just $5.6 million, which means the organization saw a jump of about 26 times their profit from last year. Before that they made $18.4 and $10.6 million, so even in better years, 2016 was a big improvement.

This info comes from a report by Kantan Games, a Tokyo-based game industry consultancy. The Pokemon Company doesn’t have to report their sales figures, as they are still a private organization. Still, they do often choose to release these numbers, as they did this year in Kanpo, an official government gazette.

The Pokemon Company is separate from Nintendo proper, but the big N does own a large portion of the organization. Nintendo has also seen big profit improvements thanks to the great reception of Pokemon Go, Sun & Moon. With rumors of another Pokemon release on the Switch, could 2017 or 2018 be just as big?

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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