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Pokémon GO to Let Players Switch Teams

You'll be able to join a different team soon, but there's a catch.

by Dylan Siegler


Shortly after you begin playing Pokémon GO, you’ll be asked to join one of three teams: Team Valor, Team Instinct, or Team Mystic. Up to this point, the team you chose near the beginning of the game was the team you’d be on for the entirety of your Pokémon GO career. However, this will soon change.

Niantic recently announced that they will soon be introducing a new item into the game called the Team Medallion which will allow players to switch what team they are on. This new item will become available in the game on February 26 at 1:00pm PST/4:00pm EST and will be a purchasable item from the game’s in-game shop for 1,000 PokéCoins. After purchasing the Team Medallion, it will appear in the player’s bag, and when it is used, it will lead the player through the process of selecting a new team.

The catch, however, is that players will only be able to switch teams once a year. You won’t be able to just switch teams whenever you want depending on which group of friends you’re out playing with – there’s still commitment involved since, after switching teams, you’ll have to wait a full 365 days before you’ll be able to switch teams again.

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