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Pokemon Go Update 0.53.1 & 1.23.1 – Shinies, Genders, and More Behind-the-Scenes

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Go Update 0.53.1 and 1.23.1 have hit Android and iPhone respectively. While this brand new update to the massively popular free-to-play game doesn’t offer too many changes or improvements, once again Niantic has snuck some behind-the-scenes changes in, including shiny Pokemon and genders. These won’t be impacting the game just yet, but it does mean that the developer is preparing for them.

The info comes from The Silph Road, which routinely tears apart the latest versions of Pokemon Go to see what has been altered, even if it’s not turned on inside the game. This is how we first learned that Gen 2 Pokemon were slowly being added to the game, and Niantic has continued making changes in this way.

For Pokemon Go Update 0.53.1 and 1.23.1 the big news was actually some new moves added. Counter, Astonish, Dragon Tail, and many more moves were added to the base code of Pokemon Go. While you might not see these moves in action for a while, they will appear soon, either on familiar Pokemon or some brand new ones added from Gen 2.

Everybody wants to know about shinies though. These ultra rare Pokemon have been a staple of the series for over a decade, and everyone wants to know when they’ll be added to Pokemon Go. While update 0.53.1 and 1.23.1 don’t implement them fully, they have been touched on, meaning their addition should be soon.

Along with this comes the background info for all Unown variants, which should add years to the time it takes to fully complete the Pokemon Go Pokedex. Evolution should also be changing soon, with info being added about evolution items, such as the Sun Stone. Get ready to evolve Pokemon without needing all that candy…unless Niantic makes it weird.

Pokemon Go Update 0.53.1 and 1.23.1 should be rolling out on the Google Play and Apple App Stores throughout the next couple of days, so keep checking for it.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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