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Pokemon Go’s Next Event – More Rock Type Spawns and Buddy Candy

by Kyle Hanson


Still need to catch that ever elusive Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go? Well get ready for the next mini-event from Niantic which is focused on Rock type Pokemon, including the ancient creature. Starting May 18th and going for an entire week, this Rock type event should help mix things up for those who’ve been getting a little tired of Pokemon Go’s formula.

Aerodactyl isn’t the only rare Pokemon that will be appearing more often starting this Friday. Omanyte, Onix, and Sudowoodo are mentioned by name in the announcement, but expect more Geodude and others like him as well.

Along with the increased spawns, players will also be able to get more candy from their buddy Pokemon. During the event you will only have to walk one quarter the usual distance to get that sweet sweet candy. Almost as important, Pokestops will provide more items each time you use them. There will also be a brand new hat in the store that you can toss onto your trainer, and Pokeballs will be discounted by 50%. It’s a good time to stock up, if you keep running out.

Pokemon Go events have sort of been the big thing keeping most players engaged with the game. The addition of Gen 2 helped add some incentive, as did the daily bonuses, but these quickly wear out their welcome a bit and become annoying in the worst cases. Events though almost always offer something fresh and new for players to enjoy, and this one looks pretty solid so far.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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