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Pokémon Masters Co-Op Battles, New Characters Revealed

Some more about the game's story and mechanics was revealed.

by Dylan Siegler


The upcoming mobile game Pokémon Masters is still planned for release on mobile devices sometime this summer, but until its launch, The Pokémon Company continues to reveal new information about it. This time, co-op battles and some new characters were revealed.

In a recently-uploaded video, it was revealed that Pokémon Masters will support three-player co-op, allowing three friends to play together. The game overall uses a 3v3 battle system, with both sides using three Pokémon at a time, so in co-op, each player will control one of the Pokémon on the team. Exclusive to co-op battles is a feature called Unity Attacks. When all three players have charged their Unity Gauges, they’ll be able to have their team perform a Unity Attack, which combines the strength of all three Pokémon on the team to inflict massive damage on the opponent.

A few new characters that will appear in the game’s story were also recently introduced. Professor Bellis is the professor in the Pasio region, the artificial island where Pokémon Masters takes place, and she specializes in researching Sync Stones, the items that allow trainers to use Sync Moves with their Pokémon. Lear is the prince of an unknown land and is responsible for creating Pasio and starting the Pokémon Masters League. Sawyer and Rachel and two characters who work for Lear. Finally, Paulo will act as the player’s rival in the game and has a Rockruff as his partner Pokémon.

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