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Pokemon Sun and Moon Catches Largest Nintendo Debut Ever In The UK

by Dean James


We knew that Pokemon Sun and Moon were going to be big around the world, with it having more pre-orders than any other Nintendo game in history. Pre-orders weren’t all though, as the UK sales numbers are in for the first week and they are pretty incredible.

According to Eurogamer, Pokemon Sun and Moon had smashing debuts to have the best launch week of any Nintendo game ever in the UK. This is very impressive considering it surpassed even any of the Wii or DS launches that had a huge player base.

While they didn’t have any specific numbers to specify, they said that Pokemon Sun and Moon sold more in one day than Wii Fit did in two weeks. Wit Fit sold 305,000 in those two weeks, so the numbers between both Sun and Moon have to be higher than that.

Sun and Moon themselves actually placed at 3rd and 4th behind FIFA 17 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but Eurogamer says that Sun and Moon would have topped the chart if they were combined.

It’d be really interesting to see the exact sales numbers for the two games in the UK, as well as how well they will place in the NPDs that come out sometime next month. Regardless of those numbers, Pokemon Sun and Moon are selling exceptionally well and likely will continue to sell well through the holiday season.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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