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Pokemon Sun & Moon, Final Fantasy 15 Were Amazon’s Best-Selling Holiday 2016 Games

by Mike Guarino


Both the holiday season and 2016 are coming to an end, and now comes the time where we start to learn about what the hottest items of the season were. While we definitely had some idea what to expect in terms of what the most popular games were overall, Amazon has now revealed what their top-3 best-selling games were during the holiday 2016 season.

For anyone who keeps up with the latest games, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon and Final Fantasy 15 were big sellers during the holiday 2016 season. The demand for Pokemon is always high, but thanks to the Pokemon GO craze earlier this year it made the Pokemon frenzy levels rise to a point they hadn’t been at in many years. The hype for Final Fantasy 15 had been built over a decade and numerous delays, and fans unsurprisingly pounced on the game after its long-awaited release.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not give specific information on how much each game sold, or even the specific periods this covers. However, considering that the aforementioned games launched in mid-to-late November, it likely means the period started around that time. Other games that launched during that period, such as The Last Guardian and Dead Rising 4, did not manage to crack the list. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is another surprising omission, considering the series’ massive sales numbers.

Despite Amazon not giving specific numbers, we have learned previously how well Pokemon Sun & Moon and Final Fantasy 15 have been doing in the sales department. We learned late last month that Pokemon Sun & Moon were Nintendo’s fastest-selling games ever, whereas Final Fantasy 15 also enjoyed an extremely successful launch.

These games definitely deserve the big sales numbers they’ve garnered so far, as they’ve been very well-received since they launched. We also enjoyed them quite a bit, and you can read our Pokemon Sun & Moon review and our Final Fantasy 15 review if you’re still considering picking these games up.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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