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Pokemon Sun And Moon Reportedly Ships Over 10 Million Copies Already

by Damian Seeto


Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to be the biggest titles ever for the Nintendo 3DS console. The first batch of shipments are at record level numbers.

Wall Street Journal reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, said on Twitter: “Pokémon Sun & Moon together shipped more than 10 million as 1st batch, Pokémon Co. says. Biggest-ever initial shipment for 3DS platform.”

He also added: “Most-sold 3DS title was “Pokémon X&Y,” at 15.64 million copies as of Sept. Sun&Moon’s 1st shipment 1.5 times larger than that for X&Y. Good!

Lifetime sales for Pokemon Sun and Moon could eclipse this in record time if demand meets supply. Pokemon Go helped get back awareness for the franchise, so this is a good sign for Nintendo.

The popularity of the Pokemon franchise could also help the Nintendo Switch in the long run. If Sun and Moon is really successful on the 3DS, many people will be eager to play the next installment.

The Nintendo Switch Pokemon game could be huge as it might be the first home console version. Main entry Pokemon games have all just been available on handhelds. The Switch on the other hand can be played both at home and away from home. Will you be picking up Pokemon Sun and Moon this week?

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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