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Pokemon Sun and Moon Update 1.1 Released on eShop, Check Out the Patch Notes

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Sun and Moon Update 1.1 has just hit the Nintendo eShop, marking the first major update for the hugely popular game. While this is certainly a big patch, the actual patch notes aren’t too involved, promising some bug fixes, with few large changes.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Update 1.1 patch notes are: “Fixes glitch that caused battles to not continue when Z-Memento and Z-Parting Shot were used on Battle spot. Fixed a glitch that determined the wrong winner if the Rocky Helmet caused both players to lose their final Pokémon. Fixed a glitch where Pokémon wouldn’t learn moves after they evolved such as with Kadabra and Confusion. Various Bug Fixes”

These are pretty specific fixes, patching up glitches that might have impacted a lot of players, but only in very key circumstances. Of course, the games aren’t all that buggy to begin with, featuring a smooth gameplay experience whose only real concern are performance issues that likely can’t just be patched away. Gamers expecting big changes from future Pokemon Sun and Moon updates will likely be disappointed.

However, there is one big change that fans are waiting for: the addition of Pokemon Bank. So far players have been stuck with just the Pokemon they can catch in Sun and Moon, with their previous games full of useful Pokemon and items. The Bank update is expected some time soon, but there’s no specific word from Nintendo or The Pokemon Company just yet. This has left fans wondering and waiting, hoping to be able to combine their years long library into one single game once again.

Nintendo 3DS games are a bit harder to update than other platforms’ titles. To get the Pokemon Sun and Moon 1.1 update head to the eShop and search for the games. You should get prompted to download it if you just launch the game on your 3DS, but sometimes that doesn’t work.

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