Pokémon Unite: Blissey Release Date Announced

Move over Eldegoss, a new healer is entering the fray 

by Elliott Gatica

Blissey— the happiness Pokémon— will be joining the ever growing roster in Pokémon Unite. This may come as a surprise to fans who were hoping that Blastoise would be the next inclusion. It just feels a bit off that two of the three Kanto starters are in the game while other Pokémon are being added in. The incomplete trifecta will be complete soon enough. 

However, with Blissey’s inclusion to the game, she might (hopefully) change up the healing support meta of the game. As it stands right now, the game heavily favors attackers who overwhelm the majority of the cast and rely on the safety net that is called Eldegoss. Also, Eldegoss is the only actual healer in the game right now, so with Blissey being added into the mix, she can definitely add new synergies with the lesser used Pokémon to shake up the meta. 

Hopefully Blissey can compete with Eldegoss as a sidegrade depending on team composition. From the Tweet’s contents, she’ll be a support Pokémon “with moves that heal or increase basic attack speed.” Depending on when she learns a move like that can really determine her place in the early game or late game. 

Additionally, she can use her Unite Move — Bliss Assistance— to “dash to an ally’s aid and protect that ally from attacks”. Her build kit seems to be rather versatile, knowing that she can buff DPS, heal, and potentially tank damage for allies. It is also unclear right now if she will start right away as Blissey or go through her evolutionary lineage starting from Happiny.

She also seems to have a ranged, egg bomb looking attack in the brief trailer. Her possible damage output is yet to be determined, though. 

Blissey will be released on August 18, 2021. Pokémon Unite is out now for Nintendo Switch, with a planned mobile release date in September 2021. 


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