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Pokémon X and Y: Mega Evolutions And More

by William Schwartz


Mega Evolutions

Nintendo’s latest press release announced Mega Evolutions which it classily describes as an evolution beyond all evolutions. So, what really are mega evolutions?

To start with, not all Pokémon are capable of mega evolution and even those Pokémon that are capable can mega evolve only under special circumstances. Mega evolution can only be used during a battle and the Pokémon will return to its regular form once the battle ends. Mega evolution may cause a change in the Pokémon’s ability or type and will always cause an increase in the Pokémon’s stats and change its appearance.

Mega evolutions are triggered by special items called Mega Stones. There exists a Mega Stone for every Pokémon that is capable of mega evolution and the stone is named after the Pokémon that can use it. These Mega stones are hidden throughout the Kalos region and acquiring them is necessary to unlock your Pokémon’s mega evolution.

In typical Pokémon fashion a Wi-Fi event is the only way to acquire Blaziken’s Mega Stone which will be held by a Torchic with the hidden ability Speed Boost which will show its true potential once you evolve your Torchic into Blaziken and then into Mega Blaziken. The Wi-Fi distribution will begin on October 12, 2013 and will last for a short period of time only.

The following Pokémon are definitely capable of mega evolution: Blaziken, Lucario and Mewtwo.

Super Training

Super training will allow the player to increase the Pokémon’s base stats that define its HP,  Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed. Super training will work in the form of mini games that can be played using the touch screen and the circle pad. Completing super training regimens will get the player access to training bags. Theses training bags will be used for Core Training by the party Pokémon by themselves as they raise their stats. Players will be able to see how their Pokémon are doing at their Core Training at any time from the main Super Training screen.

New Pokémon

Also revealed were two new Pokémon: Bunnelby and Skiddo. Official descriptions follow-

Bunnelby is a new Normal-type Pokémon that creates its den by digging in the ground with its large, shovel-shaped ears. These powerful ears are strong enough to chop right through thick tree roots, making them a force to be reckoned with in battle. Bunnelby can learn the Ground-type move Dig. On the first turn, the user burrows underground, and on the second turn, it attacks! In Double Battles, a Pokémon can use Dig to avoid its ally’s attack and then dish out damage on the next turn.

It is now known that Skiddo evolves into the already announced Gogoat. A Grass-type Pokémon, Skiddo has a gentle nature and is said to be the first Pokémon to live alongside humans. Because of this relationship, Skiddo doesn’t mind carrying people or supplies on its back, and it has become able to read the feelings of its riders through their grip on its horns. Skiddo can learn the Grass-type move Leaf Blade, where the user wields a sharp leaf to slice like a sword.

Gym Leader Korrina

Korrina was revealed as a new gym leader whose gym is in Shalour City, a seaside town. The city is where the Tower Of Mastery exists which has a link to Mega Evolutions. Korrina apparently holds the key to mega evolutions suggesting that it will be necessary to earn her gym badge to unlock mega evolutions. Korrina will hence be one of the earlier gym leaders as these new features will not be held off from the players for too long.

Pokémon X and Y: Mega Evolution


- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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