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Powerstar Golf free trial available on Xbox One


Microsoft wants you to try Powerstar Golf on the Xbox One, and has released a trial version of the game on the Xbox Store. For those that have played Killer Instinct on the Xbox One, you’ll know the drill.

The free trial is an expanded demo of the game, which features a large slice of the game. It includes a training event, and two different events that represent a hole from each of the game’s five courses. The free version of Powerstar Golf will still allow players to level-up, purchase gear, and collect boosts.

Like Killer Instinct, Powerstar Golf can be purchased in pieces if you like, or bought as a complete package. Sold as Course Packs, each course costs $5.99, or players can opt for the full $19.99 game.

Those who already own the full version of Powerstar Golf recently got a free course update for the game, which added the Coyote Canyon desert course.

Powerstar Golf

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