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Pre-orders begin for Sony’s NGP (PSP2)

by William Schwartz


Well at least it’s not going to be a thousand dollars.  GameStop has recently listed the NGP (PSP2) on the corporate website and has begun taking preorders for the device.  Revealed earlier this week in Tokyo, the new handheld will be the successor to the PSP and feature cutting edge technology.

While an official price has not been listed by Sony, GameStop has the device listed at $299.  The handheld is available for pre-order with a $50 deposit.

Rumors from the Sony conference had the price weighing in between $299 to $350 and it looks at least for now those rumors are true.  None of this has been confirmed by Sony so there is no official word on the price of device or it’s actual release date and these things tend to change frequently.

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