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The Escapists 2 release date confirmed; Switch version in the works

by Lewis White


Team 17 and Mouldy Toof Studios’ sequel to the extremely popular prison escape game The Escapists has finally received a solid release date.

Launching on August 22nd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, The Escapists 2 will cost £19.99/$19.99 upon release. Players who pre-order the game from select retailers will also gain access to an additional DLC prison, The Glorious Regime.

This additional penitentiary will see players escaping a compound hidden deep within a jungle. Hardcore surveillance, “unquestionably devoted guards” and the Illustrious Leader will all try their hardest to stop you from escaping.

The Escapists 2 appears to be a pretty complete package upon release and, if this sequel gets the same support as its predecessor, it will only get better. On launch The Escapists 2 will feature: 10 unique themes prisons from the frosty Fort Tundra to a desert prison train; drop-in, drop-out multiplayer for both local and online play with up to four players; a brand-new combat system with even more weapons thanks to a bulked-up crafting library; a full tutorial to teach new players the ropes, and a “Create Your Con” customization option allowing you to craft your perfect inmate.

Team 17 have confirmed that there is a version for Nintendo Switch in the works, although there aren’t many details on the port. What we do know is that the local multiplayer option on Switch will be limited to just two players instead of four on other platforms, but the game will retain its full four-player co-op through online play.

When we played the original game, our reviewer Dean James thought: “The Escapists can be hours of fun for those who enjoy a good challenge in a unique setting, but abundant troubleshooting can make this a hard sell for a mainstream audience.” Let’s hope that the sequel can improve on the original’s faults.

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