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Project CARS 2 Has Already Upset A Lot Of Fans

by Damian Seeto


Slightly Mad Studios has upset a lot of fans already by announcing Project CARS 2 just weeks after the original game came out.

Earlier this week, Slightly Mad Studios announced it will be working on Project CARS 2. Normally an announcement like this will please fans, but this time the opposite reaction happened.

One reasons fans are upset about Project CARS 2 is because they feel Slightly Mad Studios isn’t fixing the problems with the first game. They feel the announcement is premature since the first game came out just one month ago.

Comments like this were posted under Project Cars 2’s announcement on the official website. If you scroll down, you can see a lot of upset fans with comments that aren’t congratulatory at all…

Another reason fans are upset about Project CARS 2 already is that Slightly Mad Studios is making the fans fund the sequel. The first game was funded by the fans, and now they have to pay for the sequel’s development too.

Some people feel Slightly Mad Studios could have funded the game themselves with the profits made from the first Project CARS. That, or they could have found money to develop the game without the fans’ money again. The first game sold pretty well.

Not to mention the funding goal for Project Cars 2 is $7 million. Slightly Mad Studios is only funding $250,000 to the project.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2018

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