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PS Plus Has Added Another Free Game This Week Alongside Saints Row Focused Sale

by Dean James


The PlayStation Store’s weekly deals typically cater to PS Plus members with even better discounts on top of those that non-subscribers would get. That is most definitely the case this week as always, but PS Plus members also have something a little more special included as well. Last week, we got our monthly round of PS Plus additions to the Instant Game Collection, which consisted of some very quality titles. However, they are not stopping there as they have also added yet another game into the mix, but for this week only.

Through next Monday, you can get Mighty Flip Champs! DX for free on PlayStation 3, which happens to have cross-buy with PS Vita and PSP that you can access as well. Mighty Flip Champs! DX is a unique little action puzzler from WayForward Technologies, so make sure not to miss out on it if you happen to be a PS Plus member. Unlike the monthly offerings, this one should remain in your library even if your PS Plus subscription lapses.

The rest of the deals for this week can be found below, including the second week of the Spring Fever sale that brings us Hotline Miami 2 and a good bit of Saints Row content.

PlatformTitlePlus PriceRegular SaleOriginal Price
PS4Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (3-Way Cross Buy)$13.49N/A$14.99
PS4Pure PoolN/A$7.00$19.99
PS4Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell$14.99$16.99$19.99
PS4Scram Kitty DX (Cross Buy with PS Vita)$7.99N/A$9.99
PS39-1 Mega Pack$2.09N/A$2.99
PS3Atomic Ninjas$3.00N/A$9.99
PS3Foosball 2012$2.40N/A$7.99
PS3Foosball 2012 Ultimate Foosball Bundle$2.09N/A$2.99
PS3Grip Games Bundle$2.79N/A$3.99
PS3Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (3-Way Cross Buy)$13.49N/A$14.99
PS3Jet Car Stunts$4.00N/A$7.99
PS3Master RebootN/A$4.99$14.99
PS3Mighty Flip Champs! DXFreeN/A$5.99
PS3Saints Row 2 Ultimate Edition$10.00$12.50$24.99
PS3Saints Row IV$8.00$10.00$19.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Anime Pack$0.99$1.19$1.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Bling Bling Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – College Daze$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Commander-In Chief Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Dubstep Gun (Remix) Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Element of Destruction Pack$0.74$0.89$1.49
PS3Saints Row IV – Enter the Dominatrix$3.49$4.19$6.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Executive Privilege Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Gat V Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Grass Roots Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – How the Saints Save Christmas$3.49$4.19$6.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Online Pass$4.99$5.99$9.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Pirate’s Booty Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Presidential Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Saints Row IV Season Pass$2.99$3.59$5.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Stone Age Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – The Super Saints Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Volition Comics Pack$0.99$1.19$1.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Wild West Pack$1.49$1.79$2.99
PS3Saints Row IV – Zinyak Attack Pack$0.99$1.19$1.99
PS3Saints Row IV National Treasure Edition$10.20$13.20$29.99
PS3Saints Row IV Upgrade Pack$4.99$5.99$9.99
PS3Saints Row IV: Re-Elected$37.49$42.49$49.99
PS3Saints Row Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell$34.99$39.99$49.99
PS3Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell$14.99$16.99$19.99
PS3Saints Row: The Third The Full Package$6.80$8.80$19.99
PS3The Impossible Game$1.50N/A$2.99
PS3Tokyo Twilight Ghost HuntersN/A$31.99$39.99
PS3Trine 2N/A$7.49$14.99
PS3Zeno Clash 2N/A$2.99$14.99
PS VitaAtomic Ninjas$3.00N/A$9.99
PS VitaFlame Over$7.99N/A$9.99
PS VitaFoosball 2012$2.40N/A$7.99
PS VitaFoosball 2012 Ultimate Foosball Bundle$2.09N/A$2.99
PS VitaGravity BadgersN/A$1.99$5.99
PS VitaGrip Games Bundle$2.79N/A$3.99
PS VitaHotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (3-Way Cross Buy)$13.49N/A$14.99
PS VitaJet Car Stunts$4.00N/A$7.99
PS VitaScram Kitty DX (Cross Buy with PS4)$7.99N/A$9.99
PS VitaTokyo Twilight Ghost HuntersN/A$31.99$39.99

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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