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PS Vita sales down again in Japan

by William Schwartz


Hardware sales for the recently released PlayStation Vita continue to slide in Japan.  The most recent sales data shows another week over week drop for the handheld, with the device seeing its worst week since launch.  While sales were down across the board in Japan, the Vita continues to lag behind their major competitor Nintendo’s 3DS.

Both hardware and software sales have been sluggish for the recently released dedicated handheld.  Although, Sony insists that the device is selling according to forecast.  With one of the most robust launch lineups ever before seen in a handheld release, the Vita is getting set to release worldwide next month.

It will be interesting to see if console gamers clamoring for a next generation gaming experience on console will flock to the device to fill the void left by the extended life-cycle of the living room experience.  Right now though, the Vita is quite pricey with many overhead costs that could be providing a hurdle to many gamers.

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