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PS4 And Nintendo 3DS Dominate February NPD Sales

| March 13, 2015

PS4 And Nintendo 3DS Dominate February NPD Sales News Nintendo PlayStation  PlayStation 4 Nintendo 3DS New Nintendo 3DS

Microsoft’s Xbox One took over first place in the monthly NPDs in November and December, but PlayStation 4 reclaimed its position at the top in January and continued to stay ahead of the Xbox One in February as well. However, while PlayStation 4 had another fantastic month, it was outpaced by a somewhat surprise competitor, the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo released the much anticipated New Nintendo 3DS XL in the US on February 13 to exceptional first week sales and they kept those sales numbers going throughout the month. For the purposes of NPDs though, the Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS are combined into one single platform.

PlayStation and Microsoft typically do not release specific sales numbers for their month to month console sales, but Nintendo has chosen to release an approximation of how many they had. According to Forbes, throughout the month of February, 395,000 Nintendo 3DS were sold, the majority of which were the New Nintendo 3DS XL. This number was excellent for Nintendo, as it was more than the past two Februaries, according to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.

2015 has started off very well for Nintendo, as their system sales are up 90% over the same two months in 2014. The New 3DS has massively improves the 3DS platform’s sales and even the Wii U is up more than 20% in sales on this time last year. This is greatly helped by major releases more recently like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, plus games that came out earlier in 2014 like Mario Kart 8. The question now is whether they can keep this momentum moving forward.

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  • Tga215

    Awesome month for gamers

  • The PC Master Race

    3DS Won the month. Why are websites sugarcoating it for the PS4? Nintendo won. Get over it.

    • Gamer of all Games w/o xbox

      Nintendo won the handhelds, not home consoles. Unless you are saying the 3DS competes with PC like consoles do lol.


      with Console and PC being the “core” gamers of which more than 50% are both PC and console gamers.

      • The PC Master Race

        And PC dominates the industry

        But then I see you are a butthurt sony shill hiding behind Nintendo and PC anyway. The PS4 is irrelevant if you have a good gaming PC and Nintendo consoles.

        • N-Shifter

          So salty.

        • DrumStickNinja

          Your link bugged my computer out and now it’s lagging bad. Thanks, PC dumb ass.

          • The PC Master Race

            Use adblock when surfing for your cuckold fantasies, retard.

          • DrumStickNinja

            I don’t think it had to do with ads. Did you see the sites auto cookie agreement?

            I don’t trust it and none of their numbers make sense and even if they do end up true it doesn’t change anything. Mainstream is consoles.

        • pc nerds suck

          You are CLEARLY a pc shill .

  • DrumStickNinja

    I told that fool the official NDP numbers weren’t going to change much. Just looking at a smaller figure but PS4 is still dominating. I love it!

    World Wide are what really matters though and that gape is huge. Looking at weekly sales PS4 at minimum will grow the gap by at least 6 million more units before the end of the year.

    • You really seem insecure to bash a piece of plastic…

      • DrumStickNinja

        It’s not just a piece of plastic. It’s a platform responsible for almost all the bad in the gaming world. An attitude of ass holes that think they can come in, made demands, make promises they have no intentions of keeping and then letting all those that fall for their non sense fall flat on their faces and look like the laughing stock of the gaming world (right there with PC master race idiots).

        They are the ones that brought this “war”. They declared the official war at launch of orig. xbox (they set out to stop PlayStation). Then they pulled dirty tactics to gain minimal leads that led them from 2nd place to last place last gen.

        • The PC Master Race

          You are defending the Japanese version of Microsoft with a history of DRM and anti-trust moves like trying to put SNK out of business in the 90’s you stupid goddamn cancerous shill.

          • DrumStickNinja

            History of DRM in gaming? No? That’s right. STFU you dumb ass troll.

            When you are as big as Sony you take precautions to protect your intellectual properties. Steam has DRM in some ways too. It depends on how far you take it and Sony doesn’t have any restrictions nor will they.

            Ah so much you learn from me.

          • The PC Master Race

            You mean precautions like spying on your customers?


            Bravo, shill. You just proved Sony spies on their customers.

        • Lots of subjective arguments in there. All consoles and platforms have their pros and cons. Looking at comments on other articles, you bash many people who have an Xbox.
          They didn’t start this war between consoles if that’s what you’re implying. Console wars have been here since the Atari. And Xbox claiming war on PS2? Really?

          I’ll listen to somebody who actually has both systems…

          • DrumStickNinja

            Look it up kid. You obviously have no clue. Microsoft made no attempts to hide that Xbox was created to stop PlayStation. If that isn’t a declaration of war along with all the lies, half truths, deceitful ways ect. Then what is?

            Xbox sucks. You would need to listen to someone dumb enough to buy Xbox to listen to them so that you are listening to more bs from another idiot so you feel better about your bad Xbox purchase. Of course you wouldn’t listen to someone that realized they don’t even need Xbox nor support those ass holes

          • So, you’re calling people idiots for preferring another piece of plastic over yours. How typical.
            Haven’t seen anything bad from Xbox yet after the launch this gen. Maybe if you owned one, you wouldn’t be insulting everyone who uses one.
            Like I said before-pathetic.

          • Whiskey Red Balls

            Haven’t seen anything bad?

            Let’s see you lost Ryse, Dead Rising & Project Spark, 3 of your biggest games to PC and no XBL required on PC to play online.

            Then you have multi plat after multi plat coming out with lower resolutions, more frame rate dips and over all more instability on xbox compared to PS4.

            Then you have a pretty poor line up of games in quality and quantity on games with gold.

            Xbox was also initially more expensive with more expensive XBL and accessories.

            And they are ass holes

          • So many subjective arguments. Where a majority of my friends are, that’s where I play, and that seems to be the Xbox. I couldn’t care less about a tiny graphics difference.
            More frame rate dips? Where?

          • About the accessories, not really. My headset only costed $50. I think the PS silver headset is like $60-$80. The Gold ones are $100. The controllers on Xbox aren’t expensive either.
            I haven’t seen MS act like assholes since launch.

          • Allen


            Dual shock 4 – blue tooth, gyro, touch pad, light bar, speaker, battery all inclusive $60
            Xbone control – wireless, $60 none of the features + $25 battery pack = $85 each while lacking features

            Xbone headset adapter vs none needed on PS4

            Don’t lie to yourself or spew BS.

          • Lets be honest, barely any of these new controller features are ever used or mean very little. The headset adapter came with my headset anyway.

          • Guest

            lol you’re funny… :)

          • You love spamming my inbox, don’t you?

          • Guest

            Yeah, you’re suppose to be this great unbiased fanboy hunter when you act like a fanboy by downplaying the features of the DS4. These features are used in most games maybe you’ll need to do your research before making these statements. You get upset when people make post about system they don’t own but it’s ok for you do it…

            That’s why you make me laugh… :)

          • “Most games”.
            Out of the entire library, can you show me this? Most of them? That actually contribute to the game?
            I also never downplayed these features. Just saying many of these aren’t used.
            It’s funny how you’re always following me around. :)

          • Guest

            Ok I was refering to AAA games. It would be very difficult to get the information for EVERY PS4 games. It is such a huge library… :)

            Now YOU came up here first stating “barely any of these new controller features are ever used or mean very little” Can you back that statement? Can you let me know which major game doesn’t use the controller features?

            “I also never downplayed these features. Just saying many of these aren’t used.”
            You are downplaying the features by telling that they are not used in other words these feature don’t mean much.
            Maybe you should reply to actual PS4 owners like Allen. Read his post and reply him instead of acting like a fanboy…

          • So you moved the goalposts and said only AAA games.
            Way to go. I’m tired of sitting here reading comments that make it seem like you’re staling me, as it’s your new goal in life.
            Maybe that’s why you hide behind a guest account…

          • Guest

            At least I reply to the points made and not change topic. My replies are based on my experience as a PS4 gamer. ALL my PS4 games uses the features, I’m yet to come across a game that doesn’t use it. Allen also said something like “It’s used in like every game.”. We talk about experience. The only thing you did is lie and bring your fanboy arguments. You keep ignoring Allen’s reply because you know he put you in your place.

            You said barely any game uses these new controller features. Now, you are probably struggling to name a SINGLE game that doesn’t use the PS4 controller and thats the reason why you try to change topic and get run away.
            But that’s typical…

            And maybe I wouldn’t reply you as much, if you weren’t such a lying hypocrite… Maybe you need to work on that first… :)

          • Anybody can say anything on the internet. I see no proof.

          • Guest

            That’s exactly what you are doing, I see no proof to your statement “barely any of these new controller features are ever used”.
            Come on don’t be shy, name some of the PS4 games that doesn’t use the controller features…
            If you can’t prove it then it would only mean that you were trolling and acting like a fanboy. How funny that would be: the “fanboy hunter” is actually a fanboy himself.. :)

          • I’m still waiting for proof….
            Guess I should move to another website soon. It seems you love to follow me and start arguments. :)

          • Guest

            Yeah, I’m still waiting for proof of your FIRST statement. :)
            ha ha ha Do whatever you want… Like I said, maybe if you weren’t lying and being such an hypocrite I wouldn’t reply you and expose all your rubbish…

          • Still waiting…

          • Guest

            …me too, little xbot… :)

          • Calling me an xbot just cements it that you’re a fanboy yourself. :)

          • Guest

            I still don’t see any proof. No proof means that you are lying trolling MS fanboy.
            MS fanboy = xbot.
            I’m just calling you what you are. I will take that back if you can back your first trolling statement… :)

          • Blindly throwing insults at me, while still not backing up your statement.
            “MS fanboy=xbot”
            And if they don’t like gaming? This applies to the “ponies” as well.

          • Guest

            “Blindly throwing insults at me”
            Not blindly.
            1) You come up here and make a comment.
            2) The comment downplays features of hardware that you DON’T own.
            3) You get all upset when other people make comments about hardware they don’t own but you are openly doing the same.
            4) When I’m asking for you to back the statement up, you can’t.
            5) That simply means that you lied and were trolling.
            6) If you lied and make fanboy statement then I will obviously call you a fanboy. You do the same ALL the time and get upset when people are doing it to you… Stop being an hypocrite…

          • The whole reason why this is still going on is because you start it. Literally, every time we have an argument, its because of you. Its like I personally offend you when I comment.

          • Guest

            Not really you posted this “barely any of these new controller features are ever used or mean very little” first. You should take responsibility of that statement that shows why would you even say that. If you can’t then you were just trolling by lying.

            I see you attack fanboys regularly for similar statements. Now I’m fine with that but for me you lose all credit when you yourself act like a fanboy. I don’t get offended. Like I said hypocrites make me laugh… :)

            Hope you stop making these type of statements and stop being a hypocrite from now on… If you do then we’ll stop having arguments… It’s up to you now…

          • You’ll start arguments with me no matter what.
            That’s what always happens. :)

          • Guest

            Not really. Did I start an argument in the recent God Of War remake or the NZ sales topics? Like I said it’s up to you now.

          • You’ll START them. Never said all of them.

          • Guest

            lol Like I said stop being an hypocrite and you won’t see me “start” any argument with you. It’s simple…

          • I still find you’ll do it no matter what…

          • Guest

            We’ll see…

          • Allen

            It’s used in like every game.

            Infamous – when you spray paint street art the color on the bar changes to the appropriate you are using. You use the gyro to shake the can of paint and the speaker makes the spray noise.

            GTA V – Flashes red/blue when cops are after you and changes to match the character you are currently using.

            Shadow of Mordor – Speaker is used for a cool effect.

            Dying Light – speaker is used as radio communications

            Several games use the touch pad as a scroll method or even as it’s own type of thing. Swiping a key card for instance or putting your thumb print on something.

            And that’s just to name a few. They all allow for a more immersive experience and xbox doesn’t have any of those features yet it all costs way more with a battery pack or let it eat AA.

            So your headset came with an adapter. What about those transitioning from 360 that had a headset? It’s not just about you it’s about everyone. Everyone enjoys the exclusives features on PS4 unlike the millions of cord cutters that get nothing from cable pass through (or the millions of gamers that don’t care).

            Look it’s all fine but Xbox has the most expensive hardware/accessories and offers the least features, quality and experience. It’s just a fact.

            I’m not trying to troll seriously. I mean Xbox is okay, I just would never get one and don’t really see the point. I can live without Halo.

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