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PS4 to launch with strongest lineup of games in PlayStation history

by William Schwartz


Mark Cerny recently reiterated the strengths of the PS4 in an interview with Gamasutra. The game developer and system architect of Sony’s upcoming next-gen hardware explains to the publication that the new PC-style architecture in the PS4 will lead to the best line-up of games that we’ve ever seen from the brand at launch.

The title count is going to be stronger than any prior PlayStation hardware

Cerny tells Gamasutra: “The launch lineup for PlayStation 4 though I unfortunately can’t give the title count is going to be stronger than any prior PlayStation hardware… And that’s a result of that familiarity.”

A dedicated event for the PlayStation 4 spent a large portion of its first reveal on the upcoming games for the platform. First party titles like Drive Club, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son, Knack and others were revealed. Though many are looking for third parties to step up their game significantly with the new hardware. On hand showing their support of the new console were Blizzard Entertainment with Diablo III, Activision and Bungie with Destiny, alongside a slew of developers who’ve later come out as proponents to the changes made on the new hardware.

Earlier this year at GDC, Sony showed that they’ll also have a strong lineup of indie titles available on the PS4 as well. The console is due to launch “Holiday 2013”, but an exact date has yet to be given by Sony.

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