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PS4 Pro Support Being Considered By Rocket League Dev

by Mike Guarino


While PS4 Pro Support coming to current games is a crap shoot with some developers being on board and others not, it looks like the possibility of support coming to Rocket League is not out of the question. Developer Psyonix’s VP Jeremy Dunham recently discussed the matter of PS4 Pro Support coming to their popular game, not confirming anything while not ruling anything out either.

He said that they “don’t have anything to announce at the moment. We are still evaluating community interest, technical requirements, and other factors that influence our ultimate decision.”

We learned just yesterday that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt would not be getting PS4 Pro Support, with the developer instead focusing on their upcoming games.

Rocket League most recently got a big new update that added Rumble Mode to its playlist, which adds power-ups into the mix that makes the gameplay even more chaotic than before. The update is entirely free, and so far the response to the new mode has been very positive.

PS4 Pro is set to launch on November 10th and will cost $399.

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