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PS4 Pro will Let You Watch Netflix and YouTube at 4K Resolution

by Kyle Hanson


The PS4 Pro is all about 4K and HDR visuals, and while that’s important for video games it is also a big thing for video playback. Which is why it was good to hear that Netflix and YouTube will both be creating new apps for the PS4 Pro, specifically tailored to 4K resolution, allowing you to enjoy their content at the highest resolution available.

Netflix was specifically said to have their app prepared for the launch of the console, while YouTube seems to be coming some time later. The great thing is that Netflix has already been pushing 4K, so they’ll have a lot of content available right when the PS4 Pro hits. This includes the specifically mentioned Narcos, which has gotten very high praise from audiences and critics alike, and Luke Cage, one of the more highly anticipated shows of the year.

Currently there are few options for enjoying 4K resolution content on your shiny new 4K TV, so adding the PS4 Pro to that lineup will be very good for enthusiasts. And they won’t have too long to wait either, as the PS4 Pro release date was revealed for November 10th at a reasonable price of $399. Keep an eye on the site for more on PlayStation and PS4 Pro.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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