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PS4 Sales Have Now Surpassed 29 Million

by Dean James


The PS4 first debuted nearly two full years ago, with it set to celebrate another birthday in only a couple weeks. For most of that time since launch, the console has dominated its competition and that just continues to happen, with the console now surpassing a major milestone.

Sony has just revealed its second quarter results for the fiscal year and the PS4 played a major part in their big success this quarter where they returned to profitability.

Just this quarter, Sony has shipped 4 million units, but the numbers shipped in just the quarter isn’t the big number here, but rather the total number sold so far is even more important.

This new report says that the PS4 has now officially sold 29.30 million units since launch through the end of the second quarter on September 30, which is an outstanding number. The only other console to do better than that is the Wii, which had sold 34.55 million that the Wii had after two years. The PS4 is even continuing to outpace the highly successful PS2 as well.

This is crazy to think this happened on a console that did not see its first price drop until just a few weeks ago. Behind successful bundles based on Destiny and Batman: Arkham Knight, one has to think the upcoming bundles like the Call of Duty: Black Ops III one will also propel those numbers at an even faster rate at this new price.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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