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PS4 streaming features will push next-gen games to PS Vita

by William Schwartz


Sony has huge ambitions for the PlayStation Network and the PS Vita in the next-generation. Powered by Gaikai, they are shooting for the fastest and most powerful network in the world. The CEO of Gaikai took the stage at Sony’s PS4 reveal event in New York to explain some of the technological capabilities that Sony’s purchase of the company will bring to the next gen hardware.

Our goal is to get every PS4 game playable on the PS Vita

Gaikai cloud will allow free exploration and free demos in the PlayStation Store to instantly experience any game in the marketplace. Try it, if you like it, buy it.

The PlayStation Network backed by Gaikai will allow for some incredible streaming options with the Share button on the new controller as well. Friends on the new PlayStation Network can view your gameplay, interact with you in real time, even ask friends for help, allowing them to take over your game in real-time. Traditional streaming options will also be available from the new consoles, as Sony has also partnered with UStream to multicast gameplay.

Big news for PS Vita players, Sony demoed a PS4 game running on the handheld with what looked liked a 1:1 ratio in quality. The Gaikai executive said that their goal is to get every PlayStation 4 game capable of running in a “Remote Play” mode.

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