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PS4 Update Firmware 2.51 Is Now Available To Download

by Damian Seeto


PS4 update firmware 2.51 is now available to download, although it doesn’t add any features.

The next time you boot up your console, PS4 update firmware 2.51 should be waiting for you. The update clocks in at 245MB. It shouldn’t take too long for users to download and install the update.

PS4 update firmware 2.51 does the following things:

  • System software stability during use of some features has been improved
  • Operation quality during use of some applications has been improved

PS4 update firmware 2.51 is just another routine stability update. It’s mandatory to download or else you cannot play games online or access the PlayStation Store without it.

As of time of writing, PS4 update firmware 2.51 is going really well. Many people have downloaded it without too many problems. It’s safe to download and install the update. You are unlikely to brick your console or have any other scary problems downloading this new update.

Since Sony just released PS4 update firmware 2.50 recently, it’s unlikely major new features are coming soon. Sony is likely to save bigger features for update firmware 2.60.

Sony has added cool features in the past few weeks anyway. The suspend/resume feature has been popular since it was added to the last PS4 update.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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