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PS4 VR Headsets do not exist, as developers shoot down rumors

| January 7, 2014

PS4 VR Headsets do not exist, as developers shoot down rumors News Rumors  PS4

Rumors have been circulating lately about the possibility of VR on the PlayStation 4.  With Oculus Rift getting so much attention lately as they make great progress on the VR Front, many assume that a natural avenue to expand on the PS4 will be through virtual reality.  While this may end up being the case in the future, it’s certainly not the case right now.

According to the Product Manager at nDreams, Joe Dale, VR technology “simply does not exist on the PS4”.  Shooting down a rumor posted by Junkie Monkeys, Dale claimed that the studio is working on a VR project, but one that will be for PC for use with the Oculus Rift.

“nDreams are currently working on a title for PS4, but this is not a title involving any VR technology as this technology simply does not exist on the PS4. We are working on a VR project for PC that will work with the Oculus Rift, but outside of that we have no other VR projects. If of course there was an announcement regarding any VR technology for any of the home consoles nDreams would be very interested in finding out more and would hope to be involved.”

nDreams is currently working on a title for the PlayStation 4 title which will launch in 2014.

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  • V1

    Why all the rumours of a release at Tokyo game show. Then CES 2014. When there is nothing to substantiate it. Who is the asshole driving this speculation wagon. And why the fuck are there so many websites calling the new sony-hmz personal viewer Sony’s answer to the occulus when it is not even a VR headset. I was hoping to see a sony VR headset announced today. Guess it will be a steam box and occulus rift then.

    Patents don’t mean products. Give us Physical evidence or keep you speculation to yourself.

    • ND

      Lol really??? Sony did make an announcement at CES about the hmz-t3w being able to do VR with the addition of a head tracking sensor.

      • LerasT

        They did add head tracking, but with a 45 degree FOV, and no software support for games SDKs, that means nothing. HMZ-T3W remains a video watching device.

      • V1

        Thats my point, everyone thinks this is the competitor to the occulus. It is not. It is only a 3D Cinema viewer. Not a Virtual reality headset. Obvioulsy it needs tracking if you are looking at 750″ virtual screen so you can look either side. But you are not immersed in it the screen it will have a visible edge. Occulus has no edges you can turn 360 degrees and you still have a picture you can walk around and all the time be in another world. That is VR. Watching a movie in a headset is not VR even with tracking so please stop listening to the Journalists who dont know the difference between a vr headset and a cinema headset..

  • TimothyStone

    In other words it’s not Virtual Reality, but Augmented Reality. That has to be it. Sony has been open with many studios including third party and indie. If they don’t know about it then either they don’t know about it “YET” or Sony is working on AR technology.

    • V1

      I never considered that Timothy, I dont see the appeal of AR over VR though. I think gaming is abou escapism and VR is more engaging for me than AR… I hope we do see a VR headset for PS4 as the occulus demos look amazing. Warthunder, Drive Club, Battlefield and the next gen Gran Turismo games could be amazing with VR. Also the VR cinema experience on occulus looks amazing.
      So much potential there for the PS4 and VR. No smoke without fire I guess but no ones seen any real smoke yet!!!

  • Wraith7216

    Damn, so far I’m pretty underwhelmed by this generation. I’ll probably hold off till they put out something “must play” like GTA VI or Battlefront 3…..

    • Allen

      Battlefield 4 has already released.

  • reggaesauce

    i had a feeling this is all BS :( very disappointed as i looked forward to this. Confusion started with the articles where Driveclub devs were playing with VR. This kicked off all rumors. How can they explain now Driveclub dev talk about VR???? Or were they playing with this stupid overpriced HMD??? Sony, get your act together!!

    • V1

      There are a load of PC gamers bs’ing that the new gen consoles are not powerfull enough to run VR. This is not true. Also PC gamers talk of being future proof. This wears me down. They will be changing graphics cards every five minutes while our console will be supported for at least another five years and will continue to impress. If I wanted a PC I’d have one. I don’t want to spend the time with a PC. I work on one all day. I want plug and play chill out time. And the VR headset would be a great addition.

  • Jason

    Misleading article title. This is the opinion/comments from one developer. The Rift may roll out for PC only, but give it time. Oculus is out to make a buck like every other business. The console market is something they know they need to tap into.


      The console market is big.
      sells games better than on PC.