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PS4’s Lifespan Won’t Be Cut Short By PS4 Neo Says Sony

by Dean James


Sony just amazed us with yet another amazing E3 conference last week, but one product we knew would not be discussed going in was the code named PS4 Neo. We still don’t know when this console upgrade that Sony is still staying relatively hush hush on will be coming, but they want to make sure we know that it won’t cut short the PS4’s life span.

Shuhei Yoshida is the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, so he’s one of the biggest names to talk to when it comes to PlayStation, and German site GamesWelt was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview him during E3 last week.

During this video interview, Yoshida was asked if the PS4 Neo would cut short this current generation of consoles, in which he responded “PS4 is PS4.” He went on to say that the upgraded PS4 would still be a PS4, so it would not be cutting short the generation in any way.

Yoshida did not give any more information about the Neo, except to say that they would talk about it more when they had enough information prepared to do so.

With more recent rumors saying that PS4 Neo might be coming this year instead of next year like the Xbox One Scorpio, we’ll have to get more information in the next few months if that happens to be the case.

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