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PSA: Best Buy Will Have NES Classic Editions For Sale This Tuesday, December 20

by Dean James


The NES Classic Edition is one of the hottest products this holiday season and combined with low stock numbers has made it near impossible to find. Sites like Amazon and Walmart that have put them up have sold out in mere seconds largely due to bots that make it almost useless to try. As a result, finding it in store is definitely the best chance of getting one, even as slim as that has been due to scalpers there too, but now another retailer is set to have them this week.

This Tuesday, December 20, Best Buy is going to be offering what is likely to be the last chance to grab the NES Classic Edition before Christmas. According to reports, Best Buy stores should be getting a minimum of 12 units, with some getting more.

This is definitely still not all that many, but it at least gives people a chance to get in line. Best Buy stores are supposed to be ticketed at the stores to where people won’t be cutting in line, and hopefully there will be limits of one per person to avoid scalpers from buying them all. Considering they know the demand for these and know that they will sell out, I assume that will be the case.

For those looking to potentially go and wait out for the NES Classic Edition at Best Buy, I recommend going very early. Toys R Us was the last store to announce that they were going to have stock in stores and the supplies ran out very quickly. Granted that came combined with a restock on the very hard to find Hatchimals as well, but the NES Classics were gone in no time too.

It’s really going to depend on your area, but definitely prepare to go and camp out for awhile if you want to get any chance of this. We have no idea if Best Buy’s website will have these as well, but they likely wouldn’t arrive by Christmas without the fastest shipping anyways.

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