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PSN Adds 2-Step Verification for Extra Security

by Kyle Hanson


Sony’s PlayStation Network hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to security. A very high profile hack of PSN occurred a few years ago, leading to a shift in policy, and a whole lot of compensation going out to users. After that incident Sony has placed an extra emphasis on PSN security, with today marking another major step toward more players being more secure: 2-Step Verification.

“Passwords can be compromised if you use the same password for multiple accounts, click on malicious links, open phishing emails and other methods,” reads the activation page. “If your password is compromised and becomes known to someone other than yourself, your account will still require a verification code to gain access when you activate 2-Step Verification.”

If you’re a security conscious person then you likely are already aware of 2-Step Verification, or 2-Factor Authentication as it is called by other services. Essentially, the feature sets up a secondary password that has to be entered upon login. What makes this so special though is that the second password is always changing, and is sent to you via text. Entering this second code along with your password will get you in, but anyone who doesn’t have both is locked out.

To setup 2-Step Verification on your PSN account just click here and follow the prompts.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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