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Charming PSVR Adventure Moss Launches This Month

by Jose Belmonte


Those who surrendered to the charm of Polyarc Game’s Moss during its E3 2017 presentation will be happy to know the wait to play it is almost over. The developers have announced today that the game will launch on PS4/PSVR on February 27, which only leaves about two weeks until everyone can finally meet the adorable Quill and help her go through this fantasy world.

In Moss, players become an active figure of a fantasy tale who joins the mouse Quill in her journey to help her uncle. Both the player and Quill will go through different locations, from dark forests to medieval castles, always helping each other in solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles, or defeating enemies. The game stands out for the great effort directed towards making Quill a fully responsive character, highlighting the importance of the connection between players and the character.

The gameplay style and the atmosphere of Moss makes the game a welcome alternative to horror games and shooters, which so far are the ones that have adapted better to the gameplay possibilities of the VR platforms.

Additionally, Polyarc has presented a dynamic theme for PS4 exclusive to those who pre-order the game, which features a view of outside of the protagonist’s home in the forest, an animated Quill, music from the game, and background sounds. Take a look at the launch trailer and a video of the PS4 theme below.

If you want to take a more detailed look at the game, here is a 14-minute gameplay video.

Moss – Launch Trailer | PS VR

Moss Pre-Order Exclusive PlayStation Theme

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