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PSVR Title ‘RIGS: Mechanized Combat League’ Dev Shut Down, No More DLC Coming

by Kyle Hanson


The PlayStation VR headset is currently seen as a success as it has sold out almost everywhere. However, while hardware sales are great, it’s software that truly pushes platforms, and here is where PSVR is struggling. Apparently those struggles are worse than anticipated, as Sony has shut down the developer behind one of PSVR’s best games, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League. Furthermore, they’ve explained that while servers will remain active, there will be no more DLC for the game.

The news of the developer’s closure came a few days ago, with Sony announcing the shuttering of Guerrilla Cambridge on January 12th. This left the developer’s game RIGS in a very precarious spot. As an online multiplayer focused title, the closing of its developer could be the end for the game. VR-focused site Upload VR reached out to Sony for more information.

They received word back from Sony explaining that servers for RIGS will remain online, allowing those who bought the game to keep playing it as intended. However, no more DLC is planned, with the recently released Winter Update being the first and only piece of additional content that RIGS will ever see.

The statement read: “For players of RIGS Mechanized Combat League, we would seek to reassure you that the online service is not affected by this closure but unfortunately it will mean that there will be no further DLC for RIGS. We shall also continue to provide community support.”

So what happened here? How did RIGS go from being a possible killer app for the PSVR to causing the closure of its developer? Well, I have my thoughts, which are that the game hit at a far too high price point. The VR market is small, and games require the community to rally around titles in order for them to be successful. A VR-exclusive, multiplayer only game launching at $50 is way too high, especially for players who’ve all just shelled out an addition $500+ on top of their console purchase.

Hopefully RIGS’ failure isn’t a sign of further trouble on the PSVR side of the burgeoning VR gaming market.

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