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PUBG First Person Only Servers Announced for Monthly Update

by Al McCarthy


PlayerUnknown Battleground’s allows you to play in either third person or first person, but many people default to the easier to navigate third person view.  Purists that like to play the game in first person view will be happy to know that servers dedicated to the first person mode will be hitting PU Battlegrounds in the next monthly update.

#MakeHardcoreGreatAgain reads a tweet from the Creative Director for the game.  “Good news everyone! 1st person servers are coming to PUBG in our next monthly update!”

A couple of things to note here from the developers.  1st person servers will be rolling out to EU/NA in Solo and Duo match formats first, with the developers saying that once it is polished a little more the dedicated mode will expand to other regions.  The developers say that no one will be forced to play on these first person only servers, and that they are hard at work at improving this viewpoint before release.

First person in PUBG is a little more daunting than third person as the view point constrains what you can see, naturally.  Instead of hiding behind cover and scoping an area as many players do, first person mode will be sure to keep players on edge even more than the game does already.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently in Early Access for PC via Steam and recently passed 4 million in sales.  The game is coming to Xbox One later this year as it was announced at E3 2017.  The exact date of the monthly update has not been revealed, but the team has been rolling out weekly and monthly updates on PUBG like clockwork.  Recent additions to the game included new weapons, times of day, vehicles and more.

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