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PUBG Leaderboard Wipe Coming and Monthly Update on May 25th

by Al McCarthy


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has their updates slated in two tiers.  Since March we’ve seen weekly updates, which are for fixing critical bugs and improving the anti-cheat systems for the game.  They also are doing monthly updates, which are for client improvements, server performance, and new content.

There’s a monthly update on the way that is set to arrive on May 25th and that is said to be dealing with game client performance.  Hopefully it fixes the bug where the game freezes after a match and needs to be terminated through task manager.

On May 31st, Bluehole will be wiping the leaderboards for the first time.  The following day, a new leaderboard will begin.   Stats from prior to the wipe will be made available publicly sometime prior to June 15th according to the company’s Twitter account.

June will also see improvements on the server side in that monthly update — Server performance and reducing lag are said to be the top priorities of next month.

The game recently saw it’s week 8 update drop from test servers to the main game.  Foilage glitches, flashbang freezes, and lag switches were targeted in the latest patch and that should be live as this post is written.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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