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Quiet Is Finally Playable In Metal Gear Solid 5

An update that comes almost as quietly as the character herself.

by Jelani James


Say what you will about Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, but she was always an interesting character to have around, and now thanks to a new update from Konami, you can finally play as her too.

Before you get too excited, however, she’s only playable in FOB missions (i.e. multiplayer missions), so you won’t be able to cheese your way to an easy S-rank.

That said, she’s still fully capable of pulling off everything that she could do acting as a companion during the campaign. Her dash move allows her to move with extreme speeds from location to location, remaining still for a short period of time activates her cloaking ability and, as expected, she can easily take out enemies from long range with her sniper rifle thanks to her steady hands.

On top of the new character introduced for FOB Missions, the update — the first for The Phantom Pain in nearly a year — adds some new gear and difficulty levels to the mode as well.

Now, players be able to build a new sniper rifle, the Renov-Ickx bis, in lethal and non-lethal versions; a pair of dark matter generators that can either damage or stun enemies who come into contact with them; and a new energy wall that creates a protective bubble shield around their character that protects him/her from shots, stun effects, sleep, and markings while its active.

Using this new equipment, players will be able to challenge an easy version of missions, which allows you to infiltrate other bases without fear of retaliation, as well as a hard mode which provides increased event points upon completion.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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