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Radeon R9 290X with Mantle API will ridicule Titan GPU in BF4

| September 26, 2013

Radeon R9 290X with Mantle API will ridicule Titan GPU in BF4  News  Titan NVIDIA AMD

Yesterday AMD revealed their new Mantle API, and new top of the line graphics card the R9 290X. According to AMD, the duo of the new card and Mantle API will put Nvidia’s Titan to shame — and is less expensive to boot.

Speaking with AMD Product Manager Devon Nekechuck, Maximum PC reports that AMD is confident that there new products can outperform the mighty Titan when it comes to running one of the biggest PC releases of this year, Battlefield 4.

Nekechuck says that the new card will compete with the Titan and GTX 780 straight away, but “with Battlefield 4 running with Mantel, the card will be able to ridicule the Titan in terms of performance.” Nekechuck clarified that he means that Battlefield 4 will run much faster with the R9 290X and Mantle than it will with Titan.

The kicker is that the Titan is $1000 video card. The R9 290X is rumored to arrive around $650.

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  • Allen

    These cards may be expensive but it’s nice to have 1 card instead of 2 which could have their problems. Both are still too expensive for my blood though.

  • Facts First

    I own a Titan.

    • Sideways M2

      Oh? Did your mum pay for it?

      • Joe

        More than likely his JOB paid for it.

        • Sideways M2

          Doing chores while living in your mum’s basement isn’t a job.

          • Alex Lee

            I smell jealousy

          • Sideways M2

            Just a tiny bit late, Alex.

          • Alex Lee

            If that kind of reply makes you feel better then fine but seeing how I just seen this page’s content for the first time it’s all the same to me.

            I got 2 Titans water-cooled btw, and I bought them myself.


          • turd fergeson

            Sounds like somebody got a little butt hurt with his two titans. In the real world, those of us with priorities, who aren’t living in our mum’s basement, have to make smarter decisions

          • Alex Lee

            Nothing like that at all. Shows how intelligent you are being so quick to make assumptions.

            I’m 29 and we own our house, I have a wife and a 6 month old son I just finally quit being a labor monkey and got myself into college.

            But that’s okay. You just sit there wherever you are and think you know me likea good troll, just like buddy up there, and bea jealous hater.

            Bye now.

          • Alex Lee

            Another thing, do you want to know ONE of the biggest differences between people like you and Sideways and people like me is?

            People who have their heads together don’t get mad when they see people with nice things like houses, nice cars, beautiful wives or even just more simple things. In fact just speaking for myself personally I’m so happy when I see other people doing good for themselves and even just trying.

            That’s why people like Sideways and you irk me whenever they say things like “oh he probably just lives in his moms basement” and feel like people don’t deserve what they have instead of just going out and getting what they want OR just being happy with what they do have..

          • SmartApps

            its the internet man. I tell people of my set up and they do the same thing. There are tens of millions of gamers….some are bound to be successful people with disposable income right?

          • Alex Lee

            Yeah you’re completely right. Some of these guys just fire me up and then get me talking just like them. Looking at some of these arguments I get into after the fact makes me so disappointed with myself.

            I fell like I just an average guy and I’ve been able to do whatever I want to do based on the one fact that I’m willing to do what it takes to get what I want.

            Take care man

    • Sjanaev

      The Titanfall or Titanic variant?

    • jade cereno

      He’s rich what do you expect ^_^ he’s got tons of money to burn ahaha!

  • Tyler Durden

    And this is precisely why you don’t spend 1000 on a video card.

  • maduk

    Expecting to see a price drop in previous models a major one.Hopefully!

  • jaskdavis

    Awesome to see AMD going in guns blazing especially since both Consoles run their hardware, I just hope MS and Sony get a “System Update” to support their Mantle API, especially MS, since they are more strict with open software. I worry devs have too many options now and will cause a stir in this industry with having now 4 graphic API’s to support or choose from. Windows DX, Mesa OpenGL, Linux Kernal, and now AMD Mantle.

    • GK15

      I know right!? AMD are killing it. I hope MS isn’t stubborn and allows support for this, either that or jacks DirectX up high enough for them to compete.

      I’ll go on record here, if this changes gaming as we know it and is supported on PS4 and not XB1 and we start to see some tangible differences in games, I may consider switching my main console of choice.

      Overall it looks great for gaming! Looking forward to seeing next Gen games in action! :)

      • jaskdavis

        Jacks DirectX? lol

        • GK15

          Beefs it up? Makes improvements upon it? Lol

    • jade cereno

      Well its a free world after all why not provide free and open source API? as I recall, Mantle is a free API but it supports AMD hardware.

  • GK15

    Sucks for people that spent $1000 on a Titan video card. I always preferred Nvidia, but AMD is really killing it right now!

    • Erik

      Unfortunately AMD is NOT killing it right now. They are barely scraping by, and their new line of GPU’s will most likely only just beat out Nvidia’s flagship, even though Nvidia has an ENTIRELY new architecture coming out in just a few months. They are still NOWHERE near where they’d like to be compared to Intel and Nvidia, and that will not change anytime soon.

      • GK15

        Well I read that their contract for the Xbox One was worth about $3 billion in revenue, not to mention the PS4 and Wii U. And then this news about their Mantle API.

        That is what I meant by killing it. Sounds like a lot of good news for them.

  • MARTY92

    yes i know what im getting now thanks AMD.

  • Adhi

    Nooo, don’t 650,, $600 pls
    There will be massive price cut for both NV and previous Radeon thou ._.

  • MickT

    yes because battlefield 4 is the only game we should play… what if I want to play something like The Witcher 3, Arkham Origins or Watchdogs? Do I have to wait until the bastards at NVIDIA bring out their next cards in Q1?

    • jade cereno

      Then buy current nvidia cards that are on sale. why wait?? if you can play now

      • MickT

        well I wait because the games aren’t even released, I wait even longer because I am in Australia and barely see sales on Graphics cards. meanwhile at the moment the cheapest gtx 780 is just over $700 and 770s range around $500 so no it’s not as easy as just picking one up.

  • jade cereno

    Damn right if this is true. GO AMD!

  • Boz

    YA for now I will stick with what I got for now, unless they are willing to trade? Already got the plate full of cash going out as it is. Just got a sweat 55inch Vizio Razor 240mhz RR, with 3d, wifi, usb port and six HDMI ports, need those ports for those fresh systems coming out, Two PS4s on order and a load of heating oil thats going to put me 3G in the hole. Hmmm maybe after Christmas.

    • MARTY92

      nice bro

  • i7Baby

    2 x 670’s so far is the way to go. Not much more power needed but less expensive than Titan.

  • Heapes

    We have no idea how expensive it is, why are you saying it is for sure in the beginning of your article? For all we know, it’s going to be nearly or just as expensive.
    Also keep in mind folks, the Titan is a couple of generations behind at this point. If AMD can’t beat it, something would be wrong.
    People seem to be reading into this as “OMG AMD THE BEST” without knowing the price, having actual for sure benchmark comparisons, etc.

  • wargamer1969

    Gtx 780 classified overclocked which beats a stock Titan plays the beta just fine at 60 fps @ 2560 x 1600 res. Don’t need or care about AMD anymore.

    • EffexZoxStyle

      you will have to eat your words soon enough

      • Whoops