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Radeon R9 290X with Mantle API will ridicule Titan GPU in BF4

by William Schwartz


Yesterday AMD revealed their new Mantle API, and new top of the line graphics card the R9 290X. According to AMD, the duo of the new card and Mantle API will put Nvidia’s Titan to shame — and is less expensive to boot.

Speaking with AMD Product Manager Devon Nekechuck, Maximum PC reports that AMD is confident that there new products can outperform the mighty Titan when it comes to running one of the biggest PC releases of this year, Battlefield 4.

Nekechuck says that the new card will compete with the Titan and GTX 780 straight away, but “with Battlefield 4 running with Mantel, the card will be able to ridicule the Titan in terms of performance.” Nekechuck clarified that he means that Battlefield 4 will run much faster with the R9 290X and Mantle than it will with Titan.

The kicker is that the Titan is $1000 video card. The R9 290X is rumored to arrive around $650.

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