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Raidou To Make His Mark In Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

by Damian Seeto


Tecmo Koei has revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu that Raidou will be appearing in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round.

Siliconera pointed out that Raidou will be in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, although he won’t look like how gamers will remember him. In the new game, Raidou will appear as a type of cyborg of some sort.

Raidou has not appeared in a Dead or Alive game since being the final boss in the first ever release of the series. Raidou making a comeback in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round as a cyborg is a pleasant surprise.

There weren’t anymore details of what Raidou will look like in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round other than he will be a cyborg. It will be interesting to see what he looks like if Tecmo Koei release a screenshot of the man sometime in the near future.

The only other new news about Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is that buyers of the game will also receive the “NINJA2015 costume” DLC pack. Four of the women characters of the game will have special swimsuit costumes. They will also receive special gravure movies.

It’s possible the PAL and North American release of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round will receive other bonuses of their own.

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