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Rapper demanding recall of GTA V for unauthorized song use

by William Schwartz


Apparently, Rockstar Games made a little mistake with Grand Theft Auto V’s soundtrack. According to a new report from TMZ, two songs on the GTA V soundtrack were included in the game without the permission of the rapper Daz Dillinger formerly of the Dogg Pound.

The two songs in question are “C-Walk” and “Nothin But the Cavi Hit” were used on the soundtrack without his permission. The rapper says Rockstar offered him an “offensively low” offer of $4271.00 for using the songs, and when he declined, they went ahead and used them anyway.

Now the rapper and his attorneys are demanding that Rockstar either pony up more cash or recall the millions of copies of the game that have already been sold. It’s highly unlikely that Rockstar will be doing any recalls anytime soon, but they may either end up having to remove the songs via a patch — or paying the rapper more than their initial offer.

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