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Raw Data Launches Oct. 5th for Vive and Oculus, PSVR on Oct. 10th

by Kyle Hanson


Raw Data, viewed by many as one of VR’s finest games, will exit early access and hit full release status on VR platforms. The game is an innovative shooter that offers fast action and interesting new mechanics. It’s been in early access for a while, allowing players the chance to try the game out and offer feedback. The developer has taken that all in and is now ready to launch into the wild on October 5th for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and October 10th for PSVR (October 11th in Europe).

“The most exciting part of Raw Data leaving Early Access is that our players will finally experience the complete story from its classic beginning to its heart-pounding conclusion,” said James Iliff, Survios Co-Founder and CCO. “Throughout the Early Access updates, we’ve been steadily drawing our players deeper into the complex relationship between their SyndiK8 heroes and Eden Corp’s nameless, sinister threat. Now, with Raw Data’s fully fleshed-out narrative, they’ll know who (or what) they’ve been fighting and what they’re fighting for.”

The final release of the game will include the entire story campaign, along with new cutscenes and story elements. Raw Data will also receive a graphical update that should make this final release the best the game has ever looked. The team took a lot of feedback during this early access period, so if you haven’t been following the game, now is a great time to get back in.

“Raw Data’s Early Access period has been amazing for us, not just in terms of its success, but how it helped us grow and evolve the game to this final stage,” said Nathan Burba, Survios Co-Founder and CEO. “The community has been engaged and passionate with us since we launched in Early Access, and their feedback has played an essential role as we turned Raw Data into the ultimate sci-fi VR action experience.”

Within the VR gaming community, Raw Data is seen as a pioneer of a lot of the latest ideas around movement and various other mechanics. As gaming has shifted into the VR space, many of the things developers take for granted, such as how to control the player’s movement, have had to be totally reworked. Raw Data is on the forefront of this and it will be great to see how the final game looks and feels when it arrives early next month.

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