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RBI Baseball returns this spring

by William Schwartz


Old school gamers, and I do mean old school, will remember the name RBI Baseball. The classic baseball game from Tengen was one of the best games to play on the old Nintendo Entertainment System, because it featured the MLB license and had real players.

With 2K Sports recently discontinuing their MLB 2K series, Major League Baseball themselves will be making a multiplatform baseball title, called RBI 14.

MLBAM announced today that the baseball title will arrive in Spring 2014, and will hit current and next-gen consoles, as well as mobile devices.

Not much is known about the new game. A website has been established for the game, but it doesn’t yet feature any information, screenshots, or videos of the game due this spring.

We’ll have to wait and see just how this turns out. 2K stepping out of the baseball business might have opened up the door to a bonafide contender to Sony’s MLB The Show.

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