The Reason Resident Evil Revelations 2 Is Snubbing The 3DS

by Damian Seeto

Capcom has now given a valid reason as to why we won’t see Resident Evil Revelations 2 on the Nintendo 3DS.

The original Resident Evil Revelations game debuted for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2012. Back then, it was an exclusive title for the handheld system. That was until a few years later when the game got ported to other consoles.

When Resident Evil Revelations 2 was announced last year, Capcom revealed it was coming out for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. A few weeks after the initial announcement, a PS Vita version was revealed too. The poor old Nintendo 3DS was snubbed, and it looks like it will stay that way.

Resident Evil Revelations 2’s producer, Michiteru Okabe, shed more light on the topic during an interview with Digital Spy. He said it was “partly a technical reason” as to why a 3DS version of the game isn’t being considered. They used the home console version of Resident Evil Revelations as a “starting point” to make the sequel.

Okabe also mentioned there are “no plans” for Resident Evil Revelations to come out for the Wii U. This basically means Nintendo consoles won’t have the game at all.